About Our Veg Box

At Devesons we do not have a specific veg box scheme as we believe that everybody's tastes are different but whether you are a family, on your own or a few of you together we can still deliver free of charge (minimum spend £10) within the local area every week.

You can either come to the shop pick your own and we can deliver to you that day, contact us with your order every week or set up a regular arrangement the choice is yours.

We are happy to talk you through the goods we stock including any special offers available and help build a list for you. Your order can include any items from fruit and veg to plants and flowers.

Please contact Scott Vicky or Ben on (01273) 303 257 to discuss your requirements.

Contact Us

Contact us using the details below, or see our Contact Us page for more information.

S A Deveson Greengrocers
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Tel No. (01273) 303 257

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